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West Peace Streetscape Project

Peace Street is the primary traffic corridor for several east Raleigh neighborhoods and the State Government Center to the Cameron Village commercial area. All forms of travel are heavy including pedestrian, bike, auto and bus. It is time to start incrementally improving this corridor starting with the long awaited West Peace Streetscape construction project. The existing West Peace streetscape infrastructure is in need of improvements, and the deterioration has increased with the addition of 657 residential units being built and under construction within a block of the street. Additionally, safety has long been an issue with Broughton High School anchoring one end of the streetscape and an elementary school (Partnership, Willey) on opposite sides of the street. The West Peace Streetscape Plan was originally planned as phase 2 of the Glenwood South streetscape improvement project. In response to the economic recession in 2008, the previously allocated $1.3 million construction fund for West Pease was placed in an economic reserve account for use as an emergency budgetary fund. Since not utilized for that purpose, that streetscape funding remains in the reserve account today. We are concerned that the reserved West Peace Streetscape construction funding may be lost or reallocated to other projects and want to express our interest in seeing the project fully funded in this budget cycle and construction completed accordingly. We hereby request that the previously allocated funding be released along with additional funding as necessary to implement the designed streetscape improvements from St. Mary's to West Street.

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